An Ultimate MT Banger Bracket: Round IV and Round V Voting / by Alex Schneidman

Due to some scheduling difficulty with the boys in my apartment, I’ve decided to forego the apartment vote in this round, the Elite 8, in favor of giving full reign to The People. I do not arrive at this decision lightly, but I’d like to keep this moving. So it goes. Here, then, is the bracket up to the Final Four:


I’m mostly unsurprised by the results of this round and the public vote. I think if I were to vote, it’d look like this: I’m Here over Waving, Revolting Children over Totally Fucked, Non-Stop over He Lives In You, Defying over Telling You.

The only matchup here that played out contrary to my dream of dreams is Non-Stop vs. He Lives In You. If you’ve been listening to the pod, you’d know that I am a very big fan of “Non-Stop,” and thought it had the strength to go the distance. Non-Stop was my Duke, “the other fifty one!” was my Zion Williamson, and Lin-Manuel was my Coach K. It is majorly disappointing to see it go down, especially in such a tight race.

Our semi-final is set. “I’m Here” from The Color Purple will go up against “Totally Fucked” from Spring Awakening and “He Lives In You (Reprise)” from The Lion King will take on “Defying Gravity” from Wicked.

On the left side of the bracket, I’d say we have two fairly unexpected semi-finalists. Some very big name shows and highly popular tunes needed to go down to get to this point. While these two songs are not bargain bin bangers, they do not hold the same name value of their counterparts on the right side of the bracket. I’m not casting a judgement upon this, merely observing. Will it be cinderella story 11-seed “I’m Here” in the final? Or will “Totally Fucked” prove it wasn’t a fluke when it beat 1-seed “One Day More”?

On the right side of the bracket, we’ve got two songs still playing on Broadway. These bangers have stood the tests of the 21st century and held up pretty strong and have been performed thousands of times by dozens of Broadway performers. One song is widely considered a transcendental MT Banger, while the other is a more understated eleven o’clock number. Which will carry on to the final?

You decide. Vote here.

Semi-final Voting

For this round, the public vote will weigh more heavily into what ultimately gets selected. Details to follow. It’s possible the Finals will be decided only by public vote. A song can not win without a majority:

Left Side Matchup
Tell us why you made this choice:
Right Side Matchup
Tell us why you made this choice:

For those of you missing the banter of the three of us in podcast form, I’m sorry to let you down, but there will be more coming in the future. Plus, for anyone who saw my post on Facebook, the guest judge we have coming on will join us for either the semi-final or the final. Stay on the line.

This is the first round in the voting that I allowed some additional commentary on the ballots, and I wanted to share with you some choice blurbs written by some voters. I’ve removed names where there are ones.

“I’m Here” vs. “Waving Through a Window”

This was hard.
— March 26 submission at 8:19pm
Dear Evan Hansen is BORING there I said it
— April 2 submission at 4:41pm

“Revolting Children” vs. “Totally Fucked”

Imagine you’re at a party and these songs play. You would have to listen closely to decipher which section is Revolting we were at. There is only one, easier to catch on to and therefore bang to, section of Fucked. That being said, You Can’t Stop the Beat beats both of these.
— March 24 submission at 8:53pm
I feel strongly about this one! Both of these songs are bangers...but Revolting Children is a MUSICAL THEATRE banger. Minchin creates a banger while still employing witty and delightful musical and lyrical conventions, staying in the realm of good musical theatre. The Spring Awakening stuff, while bangers, are just alternative pop-rock songs.
— March 24 submission at 9:50pm

“Non-Stop” vs. “He Lives In You”

Alright I know this is controversial, but I don’t even think Non-Stop should be at this point in the competition. Non-Stop is NOT the best banger from Hamilton. There are plenty better in my opinion. You’ve got The Room Where It Happens, you’ve got Satisfied, you’ve got Helpless, you’ve got Wait For It. But I’m VERY mad that it beat out 96,000, which in my opinion is the best MT banger of ALL-TIME. And I think 96,000 is the better version of this same song written by the same person, orchestrated by the same person...
— excerpt from March 24 submission at 9:17pm (yeah this person really kept going for quite a bit after this)
— March 24 submission at 11:26pm

“Defying Gravity” vs. “And I Am Telling You”

I don’t imagine Defying Gravity will get eliminated, but it should. Not because there is anything wrong with Defying Gravity (because obviously there isn’t, it is perfection) but if there is any song that can (and does) beat it, I am telling you that And I Am Telling you is that song. If you don’t lose your shit when she sings “Ahhh scream and shoutin’/ you can say what you want, I’m not walking out” and then that big long note right after that, I doubt you are even human.
— March 24 submission at 11:26pm
I not envision a world in which anything but Defying Gravity is the ultimate MT banger
— March 30 submission at 11:32pm

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