An Ultimate MT Banger Bracket: Round III and Round IV Voting / by Alex Schneidman

Here’s the bracket after the Sweet 16:


This is sure to spark some controversy, but I’m not sure it’ll be Bangerendum level.

In this round, we didn’t bring in any guest judges, but I’d like to bring on two for the Elite 8 round. I’ll figure that out this week. For Round IV, I am opening part of the form to add some additional comments. You can state your case and we’ll consider it in the Pod. Feel free to leave your name in the form if you want. I’ll shout you out.

Some central topics we talked about in this week’s decision making were songs that interrupt themselves, “musical theatre” bangers vs. regular bangers, and how imagery affects the banger status of a song.

Of the eight matchups, Michael, Chris, and I overrode the public…five times. Sorry not sorry. Take a listen and vote below.


Voting for the Elite 8

Briefly, how this will work: The public vote will account for 50% of the total vote with Michael, Chris, and I rounding out the other 50%. A song can not win without a majority. Keep checking back to see if any of these votes change to Bangerendum votes.

Only vote for one song in each matchup.

Matchup 3.1
Matchup 3.2
Matchup 3.3
Matchup 3.4

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