An Ultimate MT Banger Bracket: Round II and Round III Voting / by Alex Schneidman

I won’t bore you with any reading before I show you how things shook out in the Round of 32, so:


For this round, we brought in two Friends of the Blog, Mary and Mariah, to serve as guest judges and offer some novel perspective into the decision making.

Mary’s point of view has two competing forces in it that provide for a compelling additional voice in this dialogue. Whereas on one hand she is an academic of orchestration and the craft of music making, she also has deep emotional allegiances to songs with specific meaning to her. At play are the more logical aspects of the cerebral cortex, and the more irrational emotions of the amygdala.

Mariah, who was my girlfriend until I made the unfortunate decision of voting for “Seasons of Love” over “What You Want” in Round I, offers a very scientific approach to banger deliberation. At one point in our conversation she broke down the essence of a banger as being a song to which our bodies feel a need to release tension. It’s heady stuff, and I totally bought it. Maybe one day she’ll take me back.

A debate that got a lot of air time in deliberation is what I’ll call the “bop-banger continuum.” Some songs possess qualities that might get your body to move, but might not necessarily bang, and vice versa. For those of us in my generation to conceptualize of this difference, I’d ask you to listen to “Lovebug” by The Jonas Brothers. The first half of the song has a more relaxed, laid back beat, but definitely feels like a shoulder-swaying, toe-tapping bop, while the second half of the song roils with tension and rock. This is not to suggest that all rock=banger or to make a similar claim about “laid back” and “bop.” For other examples look to Bruno Mars (“That’s What I Like” is a bop, “Locked out of Heaven” is a banger) or Queen (“I Want to Break Free” - bop, “Don’t Stop Me Now” - banger).

There might be some controversy with some of these decisions that may result in a Bangerendum. I invite it.

Thank you for joining us thus far, and we hope you stick around to see how this whole mess ends. Please vote below!


This week’s podcast has been split up into two parts to make it more digestible.

Voting for the Elite 8

Briefly, how this will work: The public vote will account for 50% of the total vote with Michael, Chris, and I rounding out the other 50%. A song can not win without a majority.

Only vote for one song in each matchup.

Matchup 2.1
Matchup 2.2
Matchup 2.3
Matchup 2.4
Matchup 2.5
Matchup 2.6
Matchup 2.7
Matchup 2.8

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