Hello there, I’m Alex.

I’m an actor, writer, and frustrated Met fan living in New York City

I grew up on Long Island in my beloved, heartbreaking town of Great Neck, New York. It is the village that raised me, built my values, and mentored me. It is also where I started doing theatre, on stages at Great Neck North Middle and North High.

It is not where I committed to theatre, though. That was as a Theatre Major in the Musical Theatre Certificate program at Northwestern University, where much like in Great Neck, I was steeped in a community that rarely settles. There, I found myself surrounded by mentors, peers, and spaces that hit on that perfect balance between challenge and validation.

As a performer, arts administrator, writer, and designer there, I kept coming back to this central pillar of all of my pursuits: to leave the people and the places at which I arrive better for my having been there. I hope to keep doing that here in the city, and can’t wait to find the people and the places that’ll help me.